Warning Signs of Technology Dependence

  • Talking, thinking or reading primarily about the internet or gaming
  • Heightened sense of euphoria when online or gaming
  • Failed attempts to control the behavior
  • Decreased time with friends or family
  • Decreased satisfaction or involvement in relationships
  • Mood changes including impatience, anger, mood swings, depression
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed, anxious or depressed as a result of one’s online use
  • Physical illness or symptoms including weight gain or loss, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, visual problems
  • Changes in sleep habits, particularly neglecting sleep to stay online
  • Deteriorating grades or work performance
  • Other problem behaviors: drugs, alcohol, shoplifting
  • Family and relationship conflicts over use
  • Secrecy or lack of willingness to share what they are doing on computer
  • Withdrawing from other pleasurable activities

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