Recommended Reading List

Cash, H., & McDaniel, K. (2008). Video Games and Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control. Enumclaw, WA: Issues Press.
This is a great first book for all parents to read on the risks of video games, and gives guidelines for appropriate use and warning signs to be aware of in your children.

Levin, Diane, & Kilbourne, Jean. (2008).  So Sexy So Soon: The new sexualized childhood and what parents can do to protect their kids. New York: Ballantine Books
A comprehensive guide to the sexualization of our children and practical advice for parents about how to protect their children.

Levine, Madeline. (2008). The Price of Privilege: How parental pressure and material advantage are creating a generation of disconnected and unhappy kids. New York: HarperCollins.
This book is required reading for parents of technology-dependent teens and describes the emotional difficulties that can occur despite very well-meaning parents.

Roberts, Kevin, J. (2010). Cyberjunkie: Escape the gaming and internet trap. City Center, MN: Hazelden.
This book is a great introduction to the risks of gaming and the internet, written by a knowledgeable former gaming addict. Good for teens and young adults too.

Rosen, Larry (2012). iDisorder: Understanding our obsession with technology and overcoming its hold on us. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Dr. Rosen offers thorough explanations about the psychological disorders that result from daily use of media and technology.

Sax, Leonard, MD, PhD. (2007). Boys Adrift: The five factors driving the growing epidemic of unmotivated boys and underachieving young men. New York: Basic Books.
Excellent book for parents of boys that includes video games as one of the main factors negatively affecting boys’ lives today.

Sax, Leonard, MD, PhD. (2010). Girls on the Edge: The four factors driving the new crisis for girls. New York: Basic Books.
An excellent book for parents concerned with how to raise healthy girls in our society.

Steyer, James. (2012) Talking Back to Facebook: The common sense guide to raising kids in the digital age. New York: Scribner.
A brand new and comprehensive guide to limiting technology from the CEO of Common Sense Media.

Wainwright, A. T., Poznanovich, R. (2007).  It’s Not Okay to Be a Cannibal: How to keep addiction from eating your family alive. Center City, MN: Hazelden.
This is an excellent book about interventions in drug and alcohol abuse that can be a helpful guide to families struggling with a teen or young adult whose behavior is out of control.

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