Gaming and Internet Addiction

There is help for your family

When consulting a professional ask questions about their experience with screen-related problems in youth. Although I previously worked with individual families, I am now focused on group presentations. Having other families at your school or in the neighborhood who also want to change their relationship with electronic devices can make it easier on your children.

I am not currently seeing individual families or clients. For qualified therapists, please contact your insurance company, or reSTART Life at 800- 682-6934.


Warning Signs of Problematic Screen Use

  • Talking, thinking or reading primarily about the internet or gaming
  • Irritability, anger or boredom when screen time is reduced or eliminated
  • Inability to follow the family’s tech and screen rules
  • Decreased interest in spending time in-person with friends or family
  • Heightened sense of euphoria when online or gaming
  • Mood changes including impatience, anger, mood swings, depression
  • Feeling guilty, ashamed, anxious or depressed as a result of one’s online use
  • Physical illness or symptoms including poor nutrition, weight gain or loss, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, visual problems
  • Changes in sleep habits, particularly neglecting sleep to stay online
  • Deteriorating grades or school performance
  • Other problem behaviors: drugs, alcohol, shoplifting
  • Family conflicts over child’s screen use
  • Secrecy or lack of openness about their online activities
  • Withdrawing from other hobbies or pleasurable pursuits
  • Using online activities as an escape from other problems

Books, websites and information sheets related to screen time and media addiction