on public speaking

“I have been worried about screen time for a long time. Your talk reinforced my desire for kids to be unplugged as much as possible!”

“My favorite of them all, and also the most needed message for all of us wired folks out there.”

“Dr. Steel provided the counselors of Eastside Counselors Association an informative and timely talk on Internet Use Disorders. Her talk was specific and detailed in the symptoms, signs and treatment options for Internet Use Disorder. As mental health clinicians, we are always looking for not only information and treatment options for specific conditions, but also referral sources to better help our patients. I have personally referred patients to Dr. Steel.

As license mental health and substance abuse clinicians, we cannot be trained and have experience in every type of disorder. Sometimes, even an hour or two of training/education can help us help our patients. Being more aware of signs and symptoms, knowing what direction to help the patient go and when they would be most helped by being referred to a specialist are what Dr. Steel helped us to understand. She was a dynamic speaker and is an expert in her field. We were fortunate to have her come and speak and hope she many come back to speak to or group again in the future.”

Richard Sirota, LICSW, CDP
Rational Treatment Services
Eastside Counselors Association President
Smart Recovery support group facilitator


“Ann, Thank you for presenting at our lunch and learn. Your presentation clearly revealed your knowledge and expertise on this topic. I look forward to working together again. “

“Excellent presentation – clear, organized, professional, informative. Presenter was very knowledgeable. Just wish we could have had more time with her.”

“Engaging in an area that is often neglected/ignored. A great review of a very complex area.”

“So relevant – great information on ways to incorporate screening/treatment/referrals.”