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Sample talks available:

Video Games and the Internet: How much is too much?

  • Parents of preschool and grade school children
  • Learn how much time your children should spend with technology
  • What are the risks of too much screen time
  • Do television, Facebook, and video games affect children in the same way?
  • What can I do? And where to turn for help or more information

TURN it OFF! Tips and Tools for Parenting in the Age of Technology

  • Parents of grade school children to high school and beyond
  • Who is at risk for gaming and internet overuse and addiction
  • Should I use parental controls and monitoring?
  • When should I be concerned? Warning signs of overuse and addiction
  • Eight Step Family Plan: Disconnect to Reconnect

Custom Workshops

Technology use is a timely topic for your group. Customize a workshop for educators, church groups, book clubs, neighborhood meetings or other parent and community organizations.

Anonymous feedback from Ann’s presentation at MamaCon:

“I have been worried about screen time for a long time. Your talk reinforced my desire for kids to be unplugged as much as possible!”

“My favorite of them all, and also the most needed message for all of us wired folks out there.”

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