My primary goal in counseling is to offer a knowledgeable and helpful perspective to someone in a stressful situation, a time of difficult decisions, or a time of crisis. As we look back to periods in our lives when we chose a certain path or made an important decision, we can see that we might have benefited from an advocate who helped us through that important process. I would like to be that person for you today.

As a former practicing physician I also bring the unique perspective of understanding medical issues, whether you have concerns for yourself or a family member. I see clients with most chronic illnesses as well as depression, anxiety, parenting and blended families, divorce and relationship issues.

I have a special interest in technology dependence and and video game addiction. Having worked for three years at reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program, I am uniquely qualified to help your family with this issue. I am experienced with helping young adults sustain a balanced lifestyle away from gaming, and with guiding parents through the process of appropriately limiting technology and deciding if treatment is needed.

I offer a free initial visit or phone consultation. Please see contact information/location page.

I offer therapy sessions for older teens, adults, couples and families as well as workshops, classes and support groups. I have given presentations on video game addiction throughout the Puget Sound area.

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