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Public Speaking

Contact me for an engaging presentation on the effects of media use and technology on children and teens. Presentations can be customized for groups of parents, teachers, medical professionals and more.


Video Game Addiction Consultations

Are you concerned that your teen has a technology addiction? I can help you assess your loved one and provide solutions.


Technology Dependence Resources

Resources for parents struggling with addicted teens, how to prevent media addiction, where to turn if you need help, and more.

Speaking Engagements

Custom presentations for your group


  • Therapist Training and Counseling Association CEUs
  • Medical Professionals: MDs, RNs, ARNPs
  • Educators: Teachers, School Counselors, Administrators
  • Legal and Justice Professionals


  • PTAs & PTOs
  • Church Groups
  • Neighborhood Organizations
  • Friends Potlucks
  • Homeschool Co-ops


  • Parent Education Seminars
  • Moms Groups
  • Schools


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning Differences

Are you concerned about how media and technology use is affecting kids and teens?

Today everyone has questions about the healthy use of electronic devices. Parents wonder how much screen time is too much or at what age they should give their child a cell phone, and Mom and Dad often disagree about the rules. Parent-teacher organizations want to know what the experts recommend about laptops in schools or cell phone policies. With the World Health Organization’s announcement that Gaming Disorder will now be officially recognized, counselors and other medical professionals need tools for assessing and treating their clients. My practice is devoted to helping families, communities and professionals understand and manage the challenges that arise from personal technology use.

Custom presentations include:

  • Benefits and risks of screen activities
  • Practical tips for parents to begin using at home
  • At what age to allow smartphones and access to social media
  • Expert guidelines for how much time, which apps or games
  • Solutions for battles over screen time
  • Warning signs for video game addiction

About Ann

Dr. Ann Steel has worked with parents, families and youth for over 30 years; as a family physician, an educator, and currently as a licensed mental health counselor in private practice. For the past eight years she has specialized in issues related to internet and video game use and spent three years as a therapist, assessment and diagnostic specialist at reSTART Life LLC in Fall City, WA. This was the first center in the nation to treat young adults with gaming addiction in a holistic, residential setting. Dr. Steel has appeared on television, radio and as a speaker in a variety of settings including national
conferences, parent groups, counselor training, school districts and community programs. She is passionate about helping families find a healthy balance between the real and the virtual world.

Contact me for a speaking engagement or family consultation

What should I do if I think my teen has a video game addiction or technology dependence?

You may have already consulted a therapist for help managing a child’s ADHD, temper tantrums or depression symptoms without improvement and have the sense that screen time may be affecting these issues.

Each situation can be different. I work one-on-one with families to assess and develop an individualized plan for technology addiction. Please call me to discuss your family’s needs.

Listen to Ann’s podcast

Dr. Ann Steel discusses technology addiction on Dr. John’s Radio Show in Ellensburg, WA